FACT CHECK: Wilson gets it wrong on outside spending

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FACT CHECK:  Wilson gets it wrong on outside spending


During an interview published earlier this week, US Senate candidate Heather Wilson told KRWG of Las Cruces “the biggest spender on American elections are the unions…


Problem is, they aren’t.  And not by a long shot.  According to a 2012 report from the Center on Responsive Politics “Whatever slice you look at, business interests dominate, with an overall advantage over organized labor of about 15-to-1.”


Heather Wilson got it wrong on this issue. That’s surprising because she served on the board of Crossroads GPS, the infamous Karl Rove-backed Super PAC which the New York Times reports is expected to spend more than $100 million this year to influence elections in support of conservative candidates.  Rove and Wilson have appeared together in public regularly, including at a Republican dinner in Colorado in June 2011 and Rove headlined a Heather Wilson fundraiser in New Mexico in August 2011.




Watch Wilson’s remarks for yourself.  Her comments on outside spending begin at 25:30: