Thank you, Governor Martinez!

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Just the facts:

NM enacted new gun laws in 2005, and ultimately recognized concealed gun permits from as many as 20 states.

This administration says “Not so fast.”

New rules announced last week cancelled those agreements with all but 5 states:



North Carolina

North Dakota


NMDPS has generally found six things that make a state substantially different from New Mexico, and therefore would disqualify that state from being recognized:

1.     Permits issued locally rather than by the state;

2.     No fingerprint-based background check;

3.     Permits issued to persons under 21 years of age;

4.     Permits issued to resident aliens;

5.     No classroom (static) training required;

6.     No live-fire (dynamic) training required.

By choosing to stand up for responsible gun laws made at the local level, New Mexico is safer.

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I never would have believed it, but we agree with Governor Martinez. 

Late last week, New Mexico quietly published new rules concerning who can carry concealed weapons in New Mexico.

After a review of concealed carry firearms laws in all 50 states, the governor’s Department of Public Safety announced that it was revoking reciprocity agreements with more than a dozen states whose qualification standards don’t meet New Mexico’s standards.

This is big news.  States deserve to make their own decisions about who can carry firearms concealed, and putting responsible rules in place makes us all safer.

But not everyone will be happy. You can bet that the NRA and the right-wing will be upset with the governor for standing up for responsible gun ownership. 

That’s why it’s important that you tell Governor Martinez “Thank you!”

I know. We have our disagreements with the governor and her policies, but this one is different.  Under old rules, people like George Zimmerman in Florida who had a history of violence and domestic protection orders, could have legally carried his gun concealed into New Mexico.  

That’s why it’s important that where we agree, we say so. Please tell her thank you for making New Mexico safer. 

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PS – You might have heard that the NRA is backing new federal legislation to eliminate all state and local control over these types of decisions.  HR822 has already passed in the US House, and a similar bill is currently before the Senate.  That’s why its important to stand up for responsible gun laws like New Mexico’s. Learn more at