Leno to Wiener: I’m not your guy

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In an earlier post, we noted that scandal-ridden BernCo Commissioner Michael Wiener responded to the latest round of criticisms with a campaign mailer featuring photos of Wiener with some well-known figures.


As a general rule, politicians don’t use pictures like that in campaign materialLenoWiener.jpgunless the persons pictured have endorsed the candidate.  One picture of Wiener alongside Governor Martinez, who recently called for Wiener’s resignation, got us wondering about others Wiener showed off.


At the top of the page is a photo of talk show host Jay Leno, arm wrapped around Wiener in an awkward pose.


That made us wonder: Did we miss the press release announcing the Leno endorsement?


We called Leno’s publicist in Beverly Hills, California to find out.


Leno’s publicist was quick to explain that Mr. Leno does not issue endorsements, not even to his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger.   The publicist, who asked that we not publish his name but was independently confirmed to work in that role, went on to point out that Mr. Leno is one of the most accommodating celebrities when it comes to posing for pictures with fans, but would frown upon the use of those photos in a way that might imply some personal endorsement.


He was equally quick to mention that neither he nor Mr. Leno was familiar with Wiener or his recent travel scandal.


We wonder what the other high-profile politicos think of being pictured on a Michael Wiener campaign piece?  How about Alberto Gonzales (the former law-and-order [and torture OK’r] US Attorney General), former NM governor and current presidential candidate Gary Johnson (an unapologetic libertarian who I bet still sees the value of criminalizing sex trafficking), or fellow commissioner Wayne Johnson?


We’ll wait to see if any of those folks will come out to denounce Wiener and the use of their picture in a very “endorsing” kind of way.


If you have numbers for Alberto Gonzales or Gary Johnson stashed away in your iPhone, have them give us a call. We’ll be happy to share what they say.