Wiener: Actions speak louder than words

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“Michael’s actions speak louder than words.” 



That’s the headline of scandal-ridden Bernalillo County Commissioner’s latest campaign mail piece landing in mailboxes this week.


After spending more than a week giving statements and interviews defending his beingMichael Wiener Mailer photographed with scantily clad women in an infamous sex-tourism destination, Michael Wiener’s final answer is “actions speak louder than words.”


We couldn’t agree more.


Tomorrow (Thursday), the Bernalillo County Commission has called a special meeting to consider censure against the sitting commissioner.


Already Governor Martinez, Mayor Berry, Sen. Lisa Curtis (in an amazing letter), State GOP Party Chair Monty Newman, his fellow commissioners Maggie Hart Stebbins and Michelle Lujan Grisham and even the Albuquerque Journal have all called for Wiener to resign.


Tomorrow, Michael Wiener and your elected commissioners want to hear from you!


Join us tomorrow (Thursday) morning to tell Michael Wiener that his actions do speak louder than words and his values don’t represent Bernalillo County.






County Commission Chambers


(One Civic Plaza, City/County Government Building, Basement, Albuquerque, 87102) 




10:00 AM 




Your Voice!   Look for the ProgressNow NM group to pick up information.


Calendar Visit the Facebook Event page for more information and to RSVP


Commissioner Wiener’s actions do speak volumes, including actions like these:


    • In 2010, Wiener forwarded a racist and homophobic email joke describing the rape of African-American jail inmates to county employees overseeing jail policy.


    • In 2011, Wiener told a female employee she was “looking good” while she was bending over in her office.  That prompted a sexual harassment investigation.


    • Now, in 2012, he is photographed in a sex-tourism destination posing with scantily clad young women.




Bernalillo County has had enough of Michael Wiener.   Come tell Wiener it’s time to go.


-UPDATE (May 2, 2012, 4:43pm): We spoke to Jay Leno’s publicist about Wiener’s use of the Leno picture in an apparent endorsement-style campaign piece.  Read what he tells us about Leno, endorsements and Wiener here.







The Mailer




From either the Tone Deaf or Bad Timing Departments of the Campaign to Re-Elect Michael Wiener, this mail piece hit county commission district 4 mailboxes this week.  In addtion to the ironic “actions speak louder than words” headline, Wiener includes phrases like “Stand up for our values.”




On the reverse, Wiener is proudly posing with Governor Susana Martinez, fellow County Commissioner Wayne Johnson, former governor and current presidential candidate Gary Johnson, former Bush administration Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (yes, the torture guy), and Jay Leno.




No word on whether any of those people from Wiener’s “brush with greatness” photo album have actually endorsed his campaign; but, we can be sure that Governor Martinez is likely to be unhappy given her recent call for his resignation.




Late Wednesday calls to Jay Leno’s publicist for comment have not been returned.






Click to view full-screen versions of the mailer.