It’s Been A Rough Two Weeks For Governor Martinez

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22 June 2012

Susana Martinez: Two Weeks In Review
The Honeymoon’s Over

It’s been a bruising fortnight for Governor Susana Martinez. From the blowback incurred because of meddling in Republican primary races to a horrible jobs report to an ongoing email scandal to new revelations about the “shadow government” Martinez has put in place through her reliance on political hit-man Jay McCleskey, the last two week have not been kind to New Mexico’s Chief Executive.

Progress Now New Mexico has compiled a list of newsworthy stories on the governor from the past two weeks for your information and reading pleasure. If there are any stories we missed, please email us at Info [at] progressnownm [dot] org.


New Mexico Lost 5,200 Jobs in May; Martinez Missing in Action
By ProgressNow NM


New Mexico Lost 5,200 Jobs in May; Martinez Missing in Action
24 Political Appointments, 1 Newsweek profile, 1 California Fundraiser,
-5,200 jobs

Employment numbers released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that New Mexico lost 5,200 jobs in May, making New Mexico the only Western state to post job loses for the month.

New Mexico joined just six other states who lost jobs in May, while 44 others and the District of Columbia all posted job gains. New Mexico posted the second largest over-the-month percentage decline in employment, behind only Alaska.


New Mexico agency compiled email list for governor’s PAC
By Steve Terrell, The New Mexican


New Mexico Agency Compiled Email List For Governor’s PAC
Contact information of nonunion teachers sent from personal account

An email obtained by a Democratic political action committee indicates state employees and computers at the Public Education Department were used to compile lists of nonunion teachers and their email addresses for Republican Gov. Susana Martinez’s political director.

According to the email, sent May 2 by department spokesman Larry Behrens to political director Jay McCleskey and several government officials, the department’s Information Technology Division compiled a list of all teachers and their emails. Behrens also said the department’s budget staff compiled a list of which school districts have union contracts, and created a list of nonunion teachers’ emails.


PED Culled List for GOP Consultant
By Dan Boyd, Albuquerque Journal


PED Culled List for GOP Consultant

SANTA FE – A Public Education Department official compiled a list of nonunion teachers with their e-mail addresses in response to a public records request from Gov. Susana Martinez’s political consultant – then provided the information using his personal email account.

PED spokesman Larry Behrens said Tuesday that he made a mistake by sending the May 2 message to political consultant Jay McCleskey from his personal account.

“I should have responded to the request on my state e-mail address, because responding to a request for public information is state business,” Behrens said. “That was an oversight.”


Santa Fe’s Shadow Government Is Outed: Email Scandal Reveals Back Channel Policy Making; Guv Advisor McCleskey At Center; What Now? Complete Coverage, Plus Analysis And Comment
Posted By Joe Monahan, New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan


Santa Fe’s Shadow Government Is Outed

The thing about power–besides how it corrupts–is how it also reveals. And what is being revealed in Santa Fe is nothing less than a shadow government run by Governor Martinez’s chief political advisor Jay McCleskey and acquiesced to by the Governor and other government officials–many of whom owe their jobs to him.

 This shadow government is now out of the shadows, splashed across the front pages of the state’s major newspapers. The scandal is centered on the use of personal email accounts to keep official government business from seeing the light of day and threatens to expand in the days ahead, claiming victims and costing the administration dearly as these scandals are often known to do.


Gov. Martinez questioned for violating open government laws
By Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4


Gov. Martinez questioned for violating open government laws

Two state lawmakers are asking the New Mexico Attorney General to investigate state Public Education Department emails sent to the private email accounts of Governor Susana Martinez and her top political advisor Jay McCleskey.

Sen. Linda Lopez, chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, and Rep. Rick Miera, chairman of the House Education Committee, are requesting the investigation.

Both are Democrats. Martinez and McCleskey are Republicans.

The emails invoke secrecy and open government issues that all seem to slop into the soup of a brewing email scandal.

McCleskey is the chief ingredient.


Barela Bluffs On Role In Email Scandal
By Progress Now NM


Barela Bluffs On Role In Email Scandal
Governor’s Email Scandal Broadens As Two Cabinet Secretaries 
Are Discovered Using Private Email To Conduct State Business

SANTA FE — The Martinez administration’s private email scandal expands, as more emails are uncovered and ex-Cabinet secretary Lupe Martinez claims that using private emails to conduct state business was an approved administration policy. Independent Source PAC first reported that members of the Martinez administration used private email addresses to conduct state business, thereby shielding such correspondence from the public eye. By using private emails for political purposes, cabinet members and others within the Martinez administration were able to negotiate backroom arrangements that were almost untraceable by the public. Almost.

Adding to the administration’s catalog of misconduct on this issue, ProgressNow New Mexico has discovered evidence of two more cabinet secretaries using their private email addresses to conduct state business. Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela and Department of Cultural Affairs Secretary Veronica Gonzales conducted correspondence with other government officials within the
Martinez administration about some of the state’s most high-profile matters like Spaceport America, jobs reports, and the film industry.


We don’t forget, but we do forgive
Published By Clovis News-Journal


We Don’t Forget, But We Do Forgive

The Martinez-Spears campaign featured facts twisted into political half-truths about Woods’ character. The governor and her hired gun, political lipster Jay McCleskey of Albuquerque, didn’t like that Woods dared to give some friends who were Democrats small campaign contributions. All the while the governor’s group conveniently never mentioned she blessed some Democrats she liked with a little cash.

Did we mention east-siders bristle when they smell hypocrisy?

We believe the governor’s interference cost Spears votes, perhaps even the election. After all, she and Woods both campaigned hard and in person across the district, their stated positions are similar and support the governor’s key issues, including improving education and not allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses.

If Gov. Martinez didn’t know us before, she surely got the message Tuesday night to let us decide who will represent us. We understand she wants the right support, but telling us who that should be is disrespectful.


Could Martinez be hurting Republicans in New Mexico’s elections?
By Milan Simonich, The Daily Times


Could Martinez be hurting Republicans in New Mexico’s elections?

SANTA FE – One of the questions hanging over Tuesday’s primary election is whether Gov. Susana Martinez has hurt her own party by choosing sides in a contested primary.The Republican state Senate race in eastern New Mexico will be perhaps the most closely watched election of the day. It pits Martinez’s favored candidate, Angie Spears, against Pat Woods.

Woods, a rancher, says he has talked to Martinez only once, a night in Tucumcari when she was still a candidate and he wrote her a check for $500.

Feelings have soured between them since.

Martinez has campaigned for Spears and donated $7,300 to her through her political action and campaign committees.

Woods, 63, of Broadview, knows that a win for him Tuesday would be something of a defeat for the governor, at least in terms of her clout among Republicans in eastern New Mexico.