The Simple Question Heather Wilson Won’t Answer

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11 October 2012


The Simple Question Heather Wilson Won’t Answer  


ALBUQUERQUE — Heather Wilson today again refused another opportunity to answer questions about her role in a pay-to-play probe initiated by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office last year. Click here to see video of her refusal to answer a simple question about whether/why she is still under investigation by the New Mexico AG.



ProgressNow NM first revealed that Heather Wilson was summoned by the Attorney General for her role in a pay-to-play investigation. (Read the AG’s letter and other pertinent documents at Heather Wilson has since refused multiple opportunities to explain the nature of the investigation and her role in it.


Questions arose when the company, TruTouch, was given more than $700,000 in grant money to fund the research and development of light-based sensors to detect blood alcohol levels in drunk drivers. The company ultimately produced three machines purchased with state dollars, though their own tests showed the machines never worked.


ProgressNowNM diligently reviewed county and state records, as well as corporation records and federal finance reports, uncovering campaign finance documents showing that officers and directors of those companies and at least three other companies associated with TruTouch gave Wilson tens-of-thousands of dollars in campaign donations, all while receiving her help to direct a supposedly fair bid contract straight back to them.


    • Collectively, officers of TruTouch and its associated companies gave more than $20,000 to Wilson’s congressional campaigns – far more than the $6,000 previously reported – while those companies received more than $6.8 million in federal contracts and grants,


    • Bernalillo County grant records show that the application was prepared as an “open competitive bid” while, in fact, TruTouch was permitted to help craft the grant requirements that led to its being the only company eligible to fulfill those requirements.


ProgressNow New Mexico produced a full report outlining and analyzing the connections between the campaign contributions from TruTouch to Wilson and the earmarks received by TruTouch and its affiliated companies. Even though the New Mexico Attorney General called Heather Wilson and former-sheriff and congressional candidate Darren White in for questioningWilson has yet to say whether or not she cooperated with the investigation. She has also yet to answer the question of why donations from TruTouch and its affiliated companies continued throughout her time as a United States Congresswoman. And that is what she refused to address at the debate!


Because we are committed to holding candidates accountable, ProgressNowNM asked Heather Wilson about the AG’s investigation (click here to watch the video) and also posted copies of the letters to Wilson and White on the micro-site