Show me the money! Did Jim Hall Fail to Disclose Contributions from Gov's PAC?

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State Rep. Jim Hall recently took it upon himself to publicly declare in the Los Alamos Daily Post, “I have had no contact with any PAC.”  And, in Jim Hall’s world, he hasn’t.  But public records tell a different story.

Campaign finance reports filed by the Governor’s PAC, Susana PAC, show a $2,500 contribution to “Jim Hall for State Rep” on May 22, 2012.  However, Hall’s reports don’t show any contributions from the PAC or in that amount.

Hardly a minor bookkeeping oversight, Hall is either ignoring or concealing $2,500 HD43 Contr Exp.jpgin campaign cash from the Secretary of State and voters.

On Friday, ProgressNow NM requested that Secretary of State Dianna Duran investigate Hall’s failure to disclose this contribution. 

The Los Alamos Daily Post reports that Governor Martinez will attend a fundraiser for Hall on Sunday in Los Alamos.  Perhaps this is a good time for someone to ask them both for an explanation.