Irony Alert! Pacheco finds new appreciation for domestic violence shelter but filed false DV claim himself

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Irony Alert! Pacheco finds new appreciation for domestic violence shelter but filed false DV claim himself


On October 19th, 2012, Haven House of Rio Rancho, an important haven for those affected and traumatized by domestic violence, had a visit from Mayor Swisstack and HD23 candidate Paul Pacheco.


In a brief account on People for Paul Pacheco Facebook page, Pacheco states:pacheco haven house Crop.jpg


“Spent a wonderful evening with Mayor Swisstack and the incredible Haven House of Rio Rancho…  We must continue to help all families and see to it that resources are available to anyone who needs shelter from the storm. God Bless all of you who work behind the scenes and in the forefront quietly helping those in need year after year. For you it’s not a “trophy” board position to put on a resume but a life long dedication to make a difference and we are all grateful for you.


The post is, first, a dig at his opponent Marci Blaze who served as a board member for the non-profit.


But, more interesting for those attuned to issues facing domestic violence survivors, is the presence of Paul Pacheco at a domestic violence shelter at all. Why? Because Pacheco has himself abused and belittled the cause of domestic violence for his own gain.


According to Independent Source PAC:


But Pacheco wasn’t done mistreating his wife. Pacheco, a police officer with the Albuquerque Police Department, filed a police report alleging domestic violence against his wife. Pacheco then reiterated the allegations from the police report by filing for a restraining order with the court.

Two weeks prior to the start of the domestic violence hearing, Pacheco’s now ex-wife filed a motion to have the police report expunged, because there is no evidence to sustain such a report.”

Pacheco, as a police officer would know that his allegations of domestic violence could be harmful to his ex-wife as she worked with children. Her attorney told the court that the “bogus” police report “will have a detrimental effect on Respondent’s career with children.”

The judge who presided over Pacheco’s domestic violence complaint against his ex-wife dismissed the complaint following a hearing. The court also ordered the report expunged after the determination that the allegations had not merit.


The work these shelters and programs do is invaluable to victims in crisis; yet, their resources are inadequate to assist every victim.  As a police officer, Pacheco knew the damage and injury he caused his wife by filing a “bogus” police report (a fact to which he agreed in the filings), not to mention the police and advocate resources which were diverted from real victims to investigate and adjudicate his bogus claim.


The race for House District 23 is among the closest in the state.  In a race where every vote counts, it’s worth asking if domestic violence victims and advocates Pacheco just suddenly embraced will embrace him back after learning that he falsely accused a domestic violence survivor of being an offender, just to manipulate the court and public to score a personal win.