Wilson Voted Against Funding for Disaster Relief

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29 October 2012




Wilson Voted Against Funding for Disaster Relief
As Hurricane Sandy Bears Down on East Coast
FEMA Will Likely Play Important Role 


ALBUQUERQUE — Heather Wilson cast votes against subsidizing Natural Disaster Insurance and against increasing funding to FEMA during her ten years in congress.sandy.jpeg


The role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is back in the news as Hurricane Sandy begins to pound the East Coast and it’s important for voters to know what Heather Wilson thinks about federal disaster relief.


In 2001, Heather Wilson voted against a $389 million increase for FEMA’s disaster-relief fund even though FEMA’s previous funding levels were inadequate to cover the agency’s programs and projected expenses.


Wilson also voted against the Homeowner’s Defense Act of 2007. That bill required the federal government to lend money to states to help pay for damages to homes and businesses caused during natural disasters.


When Hurricane Irene was over it caused over $8 billion in damages — Hurricane Sandy’s wrath is expected to be much worse. When disaster strikes, the federal government must step in to help states with their cleanup costs — why does Heather Wilson (and the de facto head of the Republican Party) feel differently?