What’s Lisa Torraco Hiding?

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What’s Lisa Torraco Hiding?


Finance reports show just $100 in spending, but campaign literature tells a much different story


Albuquerque – State Senate Candidate Lisa Torraco reports raising more than $37,000 since the June Republican primary.  By now, most voters in her district have probably heard of Torraco, in part because of mailers she sent from her own campaign.


But those mailers don’t appear on any of her finance reports, including the most recent when Torraco reports expenses of just $114, including wire transfer fees but no expenses out of her account to correspond with those transfers.


Voters in SD18 received at least two mailers from Torraco’s campaign during the last reporting period (all of October).  One, we call “Bambi,” landed in voter mailboxes last week.   Voters tell us another piece also recently landed (if you have a copy, feel free to forward it along).


Bambi Mailer.jpg


While it is clear that Torraco is engaging in direct mail activities in her campaign, she doesn’t report any mail expenses on any of her general election reports.


More interesting, Torraco’s latest report shows two $30 fees for “Wire Transfer,” occurring on October 26 & 29, but no corresponding expenses to show how much money was wired and to whom.  Wire transfers occur on the same day, so any expenditure associated with those fees should have been reported.  What’s Lisa Torraco hiding?


Because Torraco didn’t disclose the expenses, it is impossible to tell exactly who produced and mailed these mailers on behalf of her campaign.  But, astute political watchers will note that the bulk mail permit and type-font on the ExpensesWireTransfer.jpgreturn address are identical to ones used by Reform New Mexico Now PAC and the campaign of Senator John Ryan. Both are currently under investigation by the Secretary of State for improper coordination because of mailers.