April 3rd at 5:29pm

RELEASE: New Mexico Has the Seventh-Worst Rate of Gun Violence in the Country, According to a New State-by-State Analysis

New state-based campaign launches supporting federal action; petitions to be delivered to DC offices of US Senators Udall & Heinrich Monday

April 3, 2013

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New Mexico has the seventh-worst rate of gun violence in the country, according to a new state-by-state analysis of gun violence released today by the Center for American Progress.


The report examines how each of the 50 states fare across 10 key gun-violence indicators such as firearm deaths among children, firearm homicides among women, and law-enforcement agents feloniously killed with a firearm, among others. The analysis ranks each state according to the rate of each indicator of gun violence. These rankings are then compiled to create an overall aggregate ranking of the states across all 10 indicators.


The analysis finds that New Mexico:

•   New Mexico’s gun-death rate is 40 percent higher than the national average.

•   Weak laws make New Mexico a favorite state for gun traffickers to purchase guns.

•   In 2010 New Mexico had the seventh-highest rate of women being killed by men—the majority of which occur with a firearm.


From 2001 through 2010, 2,932 people were killed by guns in New Mexico.  That is more than 70 percent more than the number of U.S. combat deaths in the Afghanistan war.


ProgressNow New Mexico and a coalition of community partners and victims led an effort in the 2013 legislative session to pass HB77 closing New Mexico’s gun show loophole.  The session ended before the State Senate could vote on the measure.

The United States Senate is set to take up a package of federal gun violence prevention bills as early as next week.  Today, ProgressNow New Mexico and New Mexicans for Gun Safety launched a united effort to encourage Senators Udall and Heinrich to support universal background checks supported by 83% of New Mexicans and other common sense bills like limiting the sale of high-capacity magazines and increasing the penalties for criminal gun traffickers.

The petition site, StandUpToTheNRA.org, was launched today.  ProgressNowNM will travel to Washington, DC on Monday to deliver the petition letters to the Capitol Hill offices of New Mexico’s Senators.

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