[AUDIO]: National Republican Calls Reporter a “Dumb F*ck,” Angry Over Being Forced to Resign for Racist Comments

[AUDIO]: National Republican Calls Reporter a “Dumb F*ck,” Angry Over Being Forced to Resign for Racist Comments

ALBUQUERQUE – The Santa Fe Reporter has just released an audio recording and transcripts of embattled National Republican Committeeman and former Modrall Sperling attorney Pat Rogers verbally berating one of their reporters.

Rodgers, apparently angry over ProgressNow New Mexico’s actions last year that exposed his now-infamous statement that Republican Governor Susana Martinez “dishonored” Colonel George Custer’s memory by meeting with tribal leaders, was caught on tape calling Santa Fe Reporter journalist Justin Horwath a “dumb f*ck.”

Audio and additional excerpts from the conversation are here.

Additionally, Rogers threatens litigation during a later exchange with the Santa Fe Reporter but revealed that he “hasn’t decided yet” who would be the target of such legal action.

During the firestorm of media attention surrounding Rogers’ comments last year that led to his resignation from the Modrall Sperling law firm, ProgressNow New Mexico and a diverse array of Native, Hispanic, and LGBT communities called for Rodgers to step down from his national Republican post.

As the face of the New Mexican Republican Party, Rogers represents New Mexico on a national stage and his actions reflect back on the state as a whole. Following this newest revelation that Rodgers is openly berating journalists and threatening specious litigation, ProgressNow New Mexico is renewing its call for Governor Susana Martinez to denounce Rogers and for him to resign as a Republican National Committeeman.

“The national Republican Party is in the process of changing its image to reflect a commitment to openness, respect, and accountability,” said Pat Davis, Executive Director of ProgressNow New Mexico. “Yet, Republican’s are wondering why they’re still having such a hard time connecting to voters. It’s a good bet that media strategies like this one don’t help.”


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