New Mexico Tea Party sends most racist tweet of the week

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New Mexico Tea Party sends most racist tweet of the week
Tells followers “don’t tweet anything you don’t want on the news.”

Lincoln County New Mexico Tea Party leader Glynis Racine told her followers “don’t tweet anything you don’t want on the news. LOL”, then sent this horribly racist tweet this morning from the organization’s official Twitter account:


In an apparent attempt to contribute to our modern understanding of American history, the Tea Party leader reminds followers that early American slavery included African and non-African people alike.

But her quest for “facts” includes her own assertion that all African-Americans are “bitching and moaning about how the world owes them a living.” 

Earlier this month, Ms. Racine tweeted that she was excited when Fox News posted one of her tweets on air.  She replied with this:

 don't tweet anything you don't want on the news

“I expect Glynis is going to have a whole new appreciation of that tweet,” says Patrick Davis of ProgressNowNM. “Glynis is exactly the type of fear mongering leader Fox News and the conservative movement push to the front of their movement.  They shouldn’t be surprised they are having a hard time recruiting blacks, Hispanics or reasonable people of any color to their side.”

New Mexico’s Tea Party movement has a sorted history of building it’s movement on a racist platform.  ProgressNow New Mexico, the state’s largest progressive advocacy organization, helped the Las Cruces Tea Party make national news when their “New Mexico History” float displaying a Confederate Flag alongside anti-Obama messaging won first prize in the local Fourth of July parade.  After extensive public pressure, city officials changed the rules to prevent political groups from winning the prize.

Ms. Racine is a former Capitan Village Trustee and frequent guest on Southern New Mexico radio shows and forums on politics and is an active supporter of the Koch Brothers’ Americans For Prosperity chapter in New Mexico.