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Wednesday, New Mexico’s Attorney General said his review of the claims by the Martinez administration against one New Mexico non-profit behavioral health provider found no fraud, contrary to the insistence by the Martinez administration that their internal audit found such.

Now, New Mexico In Depth found that the audit provided to the Attorney General contradicted the public report released by the administration over the summer.

Earlier this summer, we released findings that the administration removed a critical finding by their own auditor from the public report.  The audit firm, PCG, was contracted to determine if fraud had occurred in the firms.  PCG found that their review found “no credible allegations of fraud.”  The administration removed that critical audit finding from the final report then claimed the audit had, in fact, found fraud.  That determination was necessary for the administration to cancel contracts with New Mexico firms.

Read the full story at NM In Depth:

Same audit, different sections, contradictory charts | New Mexico In Depth.

The portion of the audit released Wednesday – which details the specific findings against The Counseling Center – gave the health organization a compliance rate of about 80 percent and listed it as much closer to “compliant” (the green section on the right) than “significant non-compliance” (the red section) on this chart:


But a portion of the audit released last year – the executive summary – appears to say the opposite. Though the summary didn’t name the providers, the overbilling and other numbers for “Provider H” match those for The Counseling Center in the newly released portion of the audit.

In the executive summary’s chart, “Provider H” is nearly in the red: