Fighting ALEC in the Roundhouse: HB102 edition

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New Mexico’s legislature is tuning into ALEC as evidenced by the state’s first-ever discussion on ALEC footprint in New Mexico during this morning’s House Health, Government and Indian Affairs Committee.

Rep. Yvette Herrell (ALEC member) introduced HB102 to establish a task force to suggest ways to turn federal lands over to state entities that don’t want it.

ProgressNowNM’s ALEC Watch project identified the bill’s language as model language lifted from ALEC’s “Disposal and Taxation of Public Lands Act.” (read the full analysis here).

Our Executive Director, Patrick Davis, spoke against the bill outing the model language and the bill’s sponsor for their ALEC ties.


“Mr. Chairman, I rise today in opposition to HB102 for all the reasons our friends have already mentioned but also because this bill is an ALEC model bill.   We encourage members of the committee to ask the sponsor about her bill’s ALEC connections and the corporations and other entities that contributed to the creation of this model legislation.”

The discussion prompted committee member and House Appropriations Chairman “Lucky” Varela to ask Davis to explain more about ALEC to the committee.

In response, Herrell replied, “Mr. Chairman, I am a member of ALEC” but insisted that her bill was not an ALEC bill but instead modeled on similar legislation from Utah (that bill is also an ALEC bill).

After more discussion, Rep. Varela moved to table the ALEC bill.  His motion passed on a party line vote, with all known ALEC members on the committee voting against.  The bill is tabled.