State Climate Change Forum Cancelled for Weird Weather; Legislators Go Outside to Experience Climate Change Instead

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State Climate Change Forum Cancelled for Severe Weather; Legislators encouraged to experience climate change in person in lieu of attending

Santa Fe – The New Mexico state legislature just announced that it’s first-ever Forum on Climate Change and Its Effects has been cancelled – due to severe weather.

The New Mexico House Energy and Natural Resources Committee was scheduled to hold a forum on “Climate Change & Its Effects on New Mexico” Wednesday morning at the legislature in Santa Fe.

However, a press release from the Speaker’s Office just announced that the event has been cancelled, disappointing many who were anxious to attend the first ever event held at the legislature.  Climatologists and experts were all scheduled to attend.

New Mexico is experiencing an “arctic blast” (the Arctic Circle is 3,000 miles North of Santa Fe) of what the National Weather Service describes as “unseasonably cold temperatures.”   More than two inches of snow fell on Santa Fe since last night with another 2-4 inches predicted through Thursday.

No word on whether committee members are encouraged to go outside and experience climate change in person in lieu of attending the committee, though we think that’s a pretty good idea.

News release issued at 3:08 PM MT:

This event has been cancelled.

State of New Mexico

House of Representatives

Ken Martinez, Speaker of the House

Rick Miera, House Majority Leader

Antonio “Moe” Maestas, House Majority Whip


Press Advisory

For Planning Purposes, February 3, 2014

Scott Forrester – 505 934 5681

Chairman Brian Egolf (D- 47 Santa Fe) and the New Mexico House Energy and Natural Resources Committee is holding an informational hearing on the effects of climate change in New Mexico. Below is an outline of the event.

Former US Secretary George Shultz will be making a special presentation to the committee via Skype

WHAT: Educational Forum on Climate Change & Its Effects, sponsored by the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee with a special invitation to the House Water & Agricultural Resources Committee and the Senate Conservation Committee.

WHERE: The New Mexico State Capitol, Room 307

WHEN: 8:30 am, Wednesday, February 5th

WHY: This event is intended to educate legislators and the public about the local impacts of climate change on water, weather, ecology, and the economy, and how to best prepare for and mitigate unfavorable outcomes.

WHO: Climate experts from throughout the region; Craig Allen, USGS Research Ecologist, Dave DuBois, State Climatologist, Howard Hutchinson, NM Cattle Grower’s Association Representative, and Bob Inglis, former US Representative and Citizen’s Climate Lobby speaker, and George Shultz, US Businessman and Climate Expert.


Santa Fe Snow