[Video] Meet the inspiring, happy, dancing teachers Governor Martinez calls out as public enemy number one

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Governor Martinez made headlines this week when she announced she was not going back to the negotiating table with the state’s public sector unions until they stopped using union dues to attack her.

“We’re at an impasse with the current (contract negotiations) because I don’t want to take the checks out of the payroll and do their job so they can attack us,” [Martinez said]

Aside from the big problems with her misunderstanding of the way that whole thing works, she also came directly at teachers.

Sidebar on “Fair Share”: Unions are prohibited from using those basic membership dues for political activity.  They raise political activity money in other ways, including optional contributions from members who want to contribute to political programs.

“Contrary to Martinez’s assertion that the dues are being used for political attacks, [AFSCME’s Miles] Conway said the fair-share payments are prohibited from political use. Instead, they go exclusively toward operating expenses, he said.

However, the union also is allowed to have employees make additional payments for political work, which are deducted from state paychecks. Those paycheck deductions are protected by the state Public Employee Bargaining Act, Conway said.” – Albuquerque Journal, March 19, 2014

“The governor raised the issue of union dues collection while criticizing teachers unions for their organized opposition to her proposed education initiatives.” – Albuquerque Journal, March 19, 2014

That got us wondering: just what were those evil teachers doing that Martinez wants to stop so much?

Turns out, while Martinez was playing nasty politics on Wednesday,  some pretty amazing, inspiring teachers (and their students!) were making this awesome video:

#APSHAPPYDAY from APSinMotion on Vimeo.
These awesome teachers are inspiring students to get up, dance, use new media and just be happy that testing season is over for many.  That type of teaching is clearly in need of drastic reform.  Instead of giving them an “F”, how about we give them a raise?

Happy dancing teachers:  Governor Martinez’s public enemy number one.