PPP Poll: Martinez Approval at 52%, Udall Defends Front-Runner Status in Top-Tier Senate Race

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For the second time in 2014, polling shows Governor Susana Martinez’s job approval rating hovering near 50%.   In a new poll of registered voters released by PPP today, Martinez’s approval came in at just 52%, on track with her 55% approval rating found in a January poll by Research & Polling.

From PPP:

PPP’s first poll of the 2014 elections in New Mexico finds both Susana Martinez and Tom Udall leading by margins similar to what they won by when they were elected in the first place.

Martinez was elected Governor 53-47 in 2010…  Martinez has a 52/40 approval rating, largely consistent with where we’ve found her since she took office. She overcomes the strong Democratic advantage in the state by winning independents almost 2:1 at 53/27, and getting 24% crossover support from Democrats…

Tom Udall was elected by 22 points in 2008, and he starts out with leads in the 20-22 point range against both of his potential GOP opponents for this fall. He’s up 53/33 on Allen Weh, and 55/33 on David Clements. Udall sports a 52/33 approval rating, which puts him in the 80th percentile for popularity of all the Senators we’ve polled on nationally. His large leads are a product of mostly holding onto the Democratic base while leading by double digits with independents and also getting around 20% of the Republican vote across party lines.

Barack Obama’s popularity in the state has declined significantly from 2012, as it has most everywhere. Only 44% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 48% who disapprove after he won New Mexico by 10 points in 2012.

Read the full poll memo here.

Notably, both polls are of registered voters which tends to skew more favorably for Democrats, particularly in non-presidential years when Democratic turnout usually decreases.