[Video] Susana Martinez's first TV ad – 'helping people' – goes live; Who is Martinez really out to 'help'

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Susana Martinez’s first campaign ad of 2014 airs today and it’s a doozy.  Watch here.

Titled ‘helping people,’ she comes out of the gate to reinvent her image ahead of her next election.  We examine the video and who she really ‘helps’ as governor of New Mexico.


It has been less than a week since the Supreme Court struck down another regulation on big money in elections and Republicans aren’t wasting any time cashing in.


Case in point:  Elections are still more than six months away but Governor Susana Martinez has already started airing campaign commercials aimed at reinventing her image.


At ProgressNowNM, we track the right-wing message across our state.  This morning, we grabbed a copy of her ad the first time it aired and we’re the first to bring it to you.  Watch here:



Its called “helping people.”  Seriously.


The only “people” she’s helped are racino owners and big oil barons, and we haven’t forgotten. 


We also haven’t forgotten about the women she “helped” by vetoing $50,000 for a women’s health program in 2011, or Omaree Varela she “helped” by spending money set aside for CYFD workers on tax cuts for corporations.  


We also haven’t forgotten about the children she “helped” get to the bottom of every child welfare list or the teachers she “helped” by making their classrooms larger and their paychecks smaller. 


Make no mistake.  Governor Martinez and her political operatives know her record on “helping” New Mexicans needs help itself.  That’s why they are on TV so early to cast a different image.  


While we are working to hold the police department and city hall accountable in Albuquerque, we’re still on guard for Susana’s dirty tricks.  


During the legislative session, our news stories calling out conservatives for missing 500+ votes and the record-size rally against the governor’s education policies were seen more than 20,000 times on our website, then shared and read another 26,000 times on Facebook and Twitter.  That’s more than any commercial the governor’s campaign can buy today.    But she’s started today and that means we need to ask for your help NOW to fight back just as quickly. [Quick Donate Link]


Here’s our promise:  In 2014 we’ll go toe-to-toe with Governor Martinez to be sure New Mexico hears the part of the story she won’t tell.  But we can only do it if you “help” us put our plan into action.


Visit our Facebook page and share this post.  With your help, we’ll correct the record and get New Mexicans fired up about 2014. 


Then help us keep this going. Our work is fun, but it’s not free.  Since Governor Martinez has started early, so will we – but that means we have to start now.  Her early TV buy adds another 45 days to our 2014 plan and another $10,000 to our budget, but it won’t work unless we all chip in.  [Quick Donate Link]


Ready to take on Susana Martinez?  So are we.  Our plans get results, but only if you help. 




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