BREAKING: Judge removes Rep. Sandra Jeff from ballot; Pat Rogers loses another case

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The latest chapter in the ballad of Sandra Jeff (h/t “NM Telegram”) may be the last.

After a few weeks of bouncing a court case between District Court and the state’s Supreme Court, District Judge DePauli invalidated 23 signatures submitted by Jeff to place her on the 2014 ballot.  Jeff needed 78 valid voters to support her candidacy, and she submitted 91.  But with at least 23 ruled invalid, Jeff is short of the required number of signatures to place her name on the ballot.  

From CVNM (which backed the challenge):

Susana Martinez advisor and campaign lawyer, who also happens to be the Republican National Committeeman, Pat Rogers (remember when we outed him for his racist comments against Native Americans and he had to resign from his high-dollar lobbying gig) originally stepped up to intervene on behalf of Democrat-in-name-only Sandra Jeff.  [read more here]

The Supreme Court later ruled that his intervention was improper.

A few shenanigans occurred in court, including some signers testifying that Jeff’s attorneys asked voters to re-register as Democrats AFTER their names were challenged.  



Court observers also noted that the Secretary of State improperly provided copies of individual voter registration cards containing personally identifiable information, including dates of birth and social security numbers, for voters.  Court watchers say that’s against the law.