¡qué verguenza!

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 You’ve seen her ads.

Her polished commercials tell the story pollsters and highly-paid political operatives want you to believe, but behind closed doors she reveals how she, and they, really think of us. Thanks to the tapes, we now know: the real Susana Martinez isn’t the leader she makes herself out to be.

We got tired of watching those commercials on TV so we made our own! And thanks to help from our friends (and you?) we are going on the air with the first TV spot to hit back at Susana Martinez and we want you to be the first to see it!


Our ad,’¡qué verguenza!,’ [How shameful!] was shot right here in New Mexico with a local, union film crew and real New Mexicans.   To put it on the air, we’ve teamed up with some friends to form the Better New Mexico PAC, a group of concerned New Mexicans who are fired up and ready to hold the governor and her conservative spin machine accountable.


We’re proud to put our name on this project and you should be too.  Our ad started running yesterday on TV and radio across New Mexico but we’ll need your help to keep it going – are you ready to join us in putting your name on the first project to go toe-to-toe with Susana Martinez on TV?  Visit the Better NM PAC website at Democracy.com to help us keep these ads on the air!  


View it by clicking the TV spot or at this link


See you on TV!  



Did you know?  Each TV spot during prime-time news costs more than $250.  But those spots reach tens-of-thousands of New Mexicans.  When was the last time you told a story this important to so many people?  Can you help us fill out these ad spots?  Your donation of $250 buys a full spot, or your $25 or $50 combined with those from a few others you help recruit can do the same.  Are you ready to go toe-to-toe with Susana?