Governor Martinez's campaign tried to stop our ad. And they failed. Here's why.

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A note from our executive director about the governor’s attempts to bully local TV stations into stopping the BetterNM PAC ad critical of her:

Our TV ad is on the air, and thanks to Governor Martinez it is getting a lot more attention than we thought.

We got tired of seeing the governor’s highly-polished message airing day after day without any response, so we teamed up with some friends (BIG thanks to all of our friends who pitched into BetterNM PAC to put it on the air!) to make our own and make a relatively small ad buy to push back in the final days of her latest commercial ad buy.

We knew they were sensitive to criticism and we knew they were closely watching our work, but we had no idea they’d bully the TV stations to stop our ad!

 Governor tried to shut down ad critical of her


Did you catch that?  The governor’s campaign didn’t even know the content of our ad, just that ProgressNowNM was working on it.  And that was enough for them to take the extraordinary step to challenge our ad BEFORE it even ran. 

Why?  One of Joe Monahan’s ‘alligators’ weighed in on this morning’s blog:

Is their response so over the top for an incumbent governor because this issue moves voters in the polling? Is the ad particularly compelling because it uses a Hispanic woman--a group key to the governor's success?
Or, perhaps, this is an ad that hits right at the Governor's efforts to sell herself nationally as a Hispanic Republican loved by Hispanics?
I would say it's all of the above. 

I’m more energized than ever and I’m committing to you that we won’t be bullied by Jay McCleskey or the governor’s high-dollar lawyers. 

Your support helped us get this far but there’s a long way to go between now and November.  Our thousand dollar commercial put the governor’s million dollar campaign into spin mode and we have a plan to do it again and again.  

There are only six months until election day and that gives you six chances to pitch in – one donation, once a month – to help us do this.  I need you to help by becoming a monthly donor for just six months so I can spend less time fundraising and more time with our amazing team keeping Martinez and McCleskey on edge. At just $20, $50 or $100 a month we can build a crew big enough to make an impact Martinez, McCleskey and New Mexico can’t ignore.

Clearly, they’ve made us a target because we know how to find their voters and connect with a message.  Oh, and we won’t be bullied.  That’s work worth investing in. 



Patrick Davis
Executive Director