[VIDEO] This miraculous thing happened when Jesus confronted a sidewalk hate preacher

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There have been some interesting visitors to UNM this week. A pair of “traveling preachers” have taken to campus to direct people to follow Jesus and encourage repentance. This message apparently includes loudly and aggressively accusing college students of various sins, calling female students ‘whores,’ and reciting parts of the Ten Commandments, or at least the ones they can remember. Today they got some unexpected divine intervention.

Steven Plumee and Sebastian Bryan travel the country to spread the word of God and encourage people to come to Jesus. Their antics definitely attract attention, and today it got the attention of Christ himself. In a video taken today, the two preachers were in the middle of a sermon in front of the Student Union Building, (where they struggled to remember the whole list of Ten Commandments) when a Jesus-look alike, complete with flowing robe and sash, strode through their presentation amid cheers from onlookers.

Jesus stole the show and rendered the boisterous preacher silent when he borrowed a protestor’s “F*ck this guy” sign and reminded the audience that Jesus loves all.

According to a briefing by the Daily Lobo, these two have been on campus since Wednesday and have been getting plenty of attention from students. Some have taken it upon themselves to show that they don’t agree with the preacher’s message or methods by holding signs near the preachers. Others choose to dress up as Jesus.