[PICS] I spy Susana Martinez… In Texas. Gov spotted in Dallas, again.

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Where’s the gov?

Governor Susana Martinez spends a lot of time on the road, out of New Mexico, raising money for her campaign.  Her official public schedule is pretty light these days.  In fact, it hasn’t been updated since May 7th.

In advance of New Mexico’s primary Election Day, we found Governor Martinez in Dallas, Texas Monday night.

Earlier this year, we reported that taxpayers had paid Martinez more than $27,000 in public salary for her time spent out of state for political events.  Though New Mexico’s governor has no official power or duties while out of state, Martinez continues to collect a salary on fundraising trips.

Martinez’s public calendar did not list any official events for Monday June 2, but a watchful eye spotted Martinez and her security detail at Dallas Love field last night waiting on a flight back to New Mexico.

Gov. Susana Martinez | Dallas Love Field | Mon. June 2

Gov. Susana Martinez | Dallas Love Field | Mon. June 2


No word on what Martinez was doing in Dallas.