Incumbents lose by narrow margins on Tuesday

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Two of Governor Martinez’s closest allies woke up Wednesday morning the unexpected loser in their primaries.

Most notable, long-time Dona Ana County Rep. Mary Helen Garcia lost to progressive Bill Gomez in an tight race – by just 11 votes at first count.   Garcia is the chair of the powerful House Voters & Elections Committee.

ProgressNowNM subscribers recall when we took action against Garcia for casting the deciding vote against letting a Constitutional amendment for marriage equality move forward.  After that defeat, we organized with local leaders in Santa Fe and Las Cruces to move around the legislature.

We also prompted Garcia to speak to KRQE about that vote and helped make her comments viral when she said “those people” don’t deserve to marry.  Watch here:


Garcia was also a sure vote against progressive proposals like minimum wage and frequently carried Governor Martinez’s education bills.

Garcia also said Democratic voters in House District 34 may have been upset by her legislative votes against a proposed minimum wage increase and a same-sex marriage measure, both in 2013.

“I think many of them didn’t appreciate that sometimes I vote with the Republicans and sometimes I vote with the governor,” Garcia said. – Albuquerque Journal, June 5, 2014



Always an interesting legislator to watch, conservative Republican Thom Anderson lost his seat to a challenger, David Adkins, by another thin margin (21 votes).

Anderson, an ALEC member, was profiled numerous times by ProgressNowNM and others for sponsoring Agenda-21 conspiracy bills based on the idea that the UN was stockpiling black helicopters to take over the United States.

Read the full ABQ Journal take here.

Gomez has no Republican opposition in November. Adkins will take on Democrat Ronnie Martinez.