City Council to take up Garduno resolution to put pot vote on ballot in ABQ

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What a rollercoaster ride this campaign has been!


Last week, we turned in the names of over 16,000 supporters ready to see Albuquerque vote to reduce marijuana penalties this November.


But two days after petitions were due, a Republican city councilor asked city hall to ‘reread’ the rules.   Now they say the 11,203 signatures they required when the campaign began wasn’t enoug, but they didn’t let anyone know until after the deadline for more signatures had passed. [Want to read more? “Everything you need to know in 60 seconds about ABQ’s pot petition fight”]


Good news for voters: We’re good at campaigns but we’re even better at fighting Republican shenanigans.


Now we’re fighting city hall for every single name but it’s likely every name won’t count (some aren’t legible, others aren’t registered city voters.  Still, we’re fighting for as many as possible).


Now we have a plan B – and thanks to City Councilor Rey Garduno and his co-sponsors, voters have a new chance to have their voices heard.


Tonight, Councilor Garduno will introduce a new resolution to simply ask voters if Albuquerque should reduce marijuana penalties.  If he gets enough votes at the next city council meeting, that question would make it to November’s ballot for city voters.


It wouldn’t adopt the new ordinance outright, but councilors who vote for the measure promise to honor the will of voters and pass the bill if voters vote YES.  (It works a lot like the Red Light Camera program vote sponsored by Republican councilor Dan Lewis in 2011)


Do this quickly:  Sign the online petition to the city council telling them to honor the voters who signed the petition to put this on the ballot.  Tell them we are ready to vote this November.


Tell Albuquerque’s City Council to fix City Hall’s mistake by passing Councilor Garduno’s resolution to put the question of reduced marijuana penalties to voters this November



Voters are mad at city hall for pulling a fast one and denying us the right to vote.   Thanks to Councilor Garduno we may still get that chance.  Will you help us save the pot petitions and our right to vote?  Send a message now and let them hear from you!