Shame on Steve Pearce. Children Pearce demanded be deported killed upon arrival in Honduras.

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Shame on Steve Pearce.


The LA Times is now reporting that innocent children deported back to violent neighborhoods from safe harbors in our country are being murdered upon return.

“There are many youngsters who only three days after they’ve been deported are killed, shot by a firearm,” said Hector Hernandez, who runs the morgue in San Pedro Sula. “They return just to die.”

At least five, perhaps as many as 10, of the 42 children slain here since February had been recently deported from the U.S., Hernandez said. – LA Times, Aug 16, 2014


These children sought a safe place in our country – and in Pearce’s own district – but Steve Pearce played politics with their lives. And he knew better because he had been there.

More than 600 refugees, including women and children, are housed at the center in Artesia. ICE reports they resumed deportations from Artesia to Central America, including Honduras, this week.

Steve Pearce

It was almost funny when we helped Pearce make national news for demanding that children be returned to neighborhoods he was too scared to visit himself:

But even Pearce couldn’t help himself when he described his visit last weekend to the very countries these children are fleeing:


“Pearce said he and the rest of the House delegation that visited Honduras and Guatemala did not venture from their hotel very often because of the dangers.”

Now we know: ‘Send them back, but don’t send me!’ is Pearce’s new policy to address the refugee crisis on the border.  And even though he knows their homelands are dangerous for grown men and women to go outside, he’s pushing to send innocent children back just to keep his Tea Party backers happy.

ProgressNowNM, July 17, 2014


Pearce and the Tea Party got what they wanted and the government started sending them back.  Now the record is clear. “They return just to die.”


Shame on Steve Pearce.


Call Pearce’s Office and tell him to reverse his position and demand an immediate stop to the deportation of innocent children back to dangrous countries.

This is a no brainer. Please do it now.


PS- Don’t forget that Republican US Senate candidate Allen Weh is a part of this effort.  It’s been widely reported that Weh profit from deportations because his aviation company has the contracts that fly these children back after deportation.