Allen Weh uses journalist’s murder as campaign fodder

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Allen Weh, the current Republican challenger to US Senator Tom Udall, has the ignominious distinction of being the first politician to try and cash in on the gruesome murder of journalist James Foley by the Islamic State.

Allen Weh - journal

In a campaign ad released today (embedded below), Weh tries to yoke Senator Udall to President Obama’s foreign policy by using a bizarre array of images that, presumably, are meant to blame every bit of unrest in the Middle East on Obama’s golf outings (and, by extension, Udall’s support of the President).

Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 4.17.48 PM

Screen shot of Foley’s murderer as used in Weh’s campaign ad

From CNN:

The not-yet-identified killer of kidnapped American photographer James Foley is featured in an ominous and risky campaign ad released Monday by New Mexico’s Republican nominee for Senate, Allen Weh, the underdog challenger to first-term Democratic Senator Tom Udall. Weh, a Marine combat veteran and onetime New Mexico Republican Party Chairman, appears to be the first candidate this cycle to use Foley’s gruesome execution as campaign fodder

Weh’s choice of “campaign fodder” has already ignited a storm of controversy online; CNN, ThinkProgress, The Washington Post, DailyKos, and others have already picked up the story.


Tell Allen Weh his commercial is way out of line.  Demand he pull it immediately.

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