Everything you need to know about the new countywide Marijuana election questions in Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties

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After Albuquerque’s Mayor RJ Berry vetoed a council resolution to give voters a say on marijuana penalties this November, many feared the campaign was done.  

That came just days after Santa Fe’s city council adopted the citizen petition-supported decriminalization ordinance in Santa Fe which made history for that city but also sidestepped an election for voters.  

Now the county commission in both counties are taking a look at giving all voters – not just those in the cities of ABQ and Santa Fe – a chance to vote at the ballot box this November.

First, Bernalillo County:

We’re not down and we’re not out. In fact, the effort to reduce marijuana penalties in Albuquerque was given new life late yesterday thanks to our leaders on the Bernalillo County Commission.


After Mayor Berry vetoed our city election resolution, most thought we were done. But we’ve been working to give voters the say they deserve on this important issue.  We’re happy to announce that the Bernalillo County Commission will vote Monday (09/08/14) morning at 10am to include a marijuana decriminalization question on the county ballot this November. 


The commission will vote this morning (Monday) at 10am on that measure.  Watch Twitter (@progressnownm) for details.

It’s not too late to weigh in!   Send the commission a message by email to commission@bernco.gov . All 5 commissioners get the message by email – even during the meeting.


And New Mexico’s Attorney General Gary King issued a new opinion, in response to a question by Sen. Jacob Candelaria, which outlines the process for placing advisory opinions on the ballot by a county:

Attorney General Letter in Support of County Authority to Place Advisory Questions on the Ballot

and an updated opinion permitting concurrent city/county elections

Attorney General Opinion (2014) supporting concurrent city/county elections


And tomorrow (Tuesday), Santa Fe County will take up the same question at their regular meeting where election questions are already on the agenda.  Commissioner Stefanics added the marijuana question to the agenda late last week:



Tuesday at 2pm, commissioners will review an election resolution with an advisory question asking voters if Santa Fe County should support city, county and statewide efforts to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. If enough of us ask them to vote YES, they’ll put that question on the ballot.

Santa Fe County Commission

If the resolution passes on Tuesday, all Santa Fe County voters will see the question on their November ballots and be able to vote for it.   The county measure would not affect the city’s new ordinance, but does give voters a chance to show their support and encourage decriminalization efforts throughout the county and statewide.




Make your plan to attend the county commmission meeting Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.  We know it is late notice, but the deadline to set the ballot is Tuesday afternoon, so its now or never.

See the full meeting details and RSVP so they know you are coming in support.

If you just can’t get away Tuesday afternoon, please send them a message showing your support. Every single show of support matters.  Find your commissioner and send them an email here:

Send a message

Now that these leaders on the Commission have taken this important step, we need to make sure they know they have our full support.

Time is running out.  They vote in just 24 hours.  Send your message now.