More right-wing ‘values voters’ would rather see Hillary as Pres. than Susana Martinez

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The right-wing’s most vocal social issue voters would rather see Hillary Clinton for president than our own Susana Martinez, or so say the results of the closely watched Values Voter Summit straw poll held this past weekend.

Blue Nation Review notes that Martinez earned ZERO votes (as in none, nada, not anyone there liked her) from summit voters.  A few conservatives did cast votes for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, apparently.

In the straw poll at the annual Values Voters Summit for right-wing Republicans, Democrats actually did well.  In fact, some Democrats did better than some of the leading… Wait, what?  Yup. You heard me right.  Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Chris Christie, and 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton finished in a three-way tie. Behind them? New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.

Read the full report at Blue Nation Review.


Fox News reports that more than 2,000 conservative voters attended the conference in Washington, DC over the weekend where Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul fired up the audience with Tea Party rhetoric.

Right-wing blog “The Green Papers” gave the count from the floor:


Candidate Vote Percent
Texas Senator Ted Cruz 228 25.4%
Dr. Ben Carson 179 19.9%
former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee 108 12.0%
former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum 87 9.7%
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal 63 7.0%
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 63 7.0%
Florida Senator Marco Rubio 30 3.3%
Texas Governor Rick Perry 29 3.2%
former Massachusetts Governor Willard Mitt “Mitt” Romney 25 2.8%
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker 17 1.9%
Indiana Governor Mike Pence 16 1.8%
(write-ins) 13 1.4%
Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann 11 1.2%
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan 10 1.1%
former Alaska Governor Sarah H. Palin 9 1.0%
Utah Senator Mike Lee 3 0.3%
former Florida Governor Jeb Bush 2 0.2%
Ohio Senator Robert Jones “Rob” Portman 2 0.2%
former New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton 1 0.1%
Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. 1 0.1%
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 1 0.1%
Oklahoma Governor Mary C. Fallin 0 0.0%
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez 0 0.0%
Totals 898 100.0%