Martinez/Skandera Education Record: Student performance in reading AND math down after 4 years of ‘reform’

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Susana Martinez took office promising to reform New Mexico’s schools and improve student performance.  To do it she brought in Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s education chief, Hanna Skandera, to implement programs she had overseen there.

Teachers and legislators have long complained that Skandera doesn’t understand classrooms because she’s never been a teacher in one.  But she does understand testing and students now get a lot more of them.   But are they working?  We went looking for public reports on the programs and even we were surprised to find that student performance had DROPPED under the new rules Martinez and Skandera keep pushing.

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So why keep pushing all these ‘one size fits all’ tests and pushing out good teachers if they don’t help our kids?   Another story we shared earlier this year gives a hint:

And these numbers aren’t new news (just not well covered).  When reports of student performance first emerged, PED’s Secretary-designate Hanna Skandera said students should just ‘try harder.’

Check the facts:

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