Your 2014 Progressive Voter Guide is Here!

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Ok, so you’re not voting for Susana Martinez.  But how do good progressive voters know who the most progressive candidates are on their ballot?  


Google it?  Good luck.  With dozens of organizations putting out “vote for” and “vote against” press releases and Facebook posts you could spend hours trying to find which candidates support your values.


Good news!  We did all that research and we put it all into one handy voter guide for New Mexico’s progressive voters!


Who stands with women over Hobby Lobby?  We have that.


Who votes to protect our air, land, and water from unregulated big oil interests? We have that too.

Less testing and more teachers? Check.


And it’s all personalized for ballots in every precinct in New Mexico.  Log in. Click.  Vote. Pretty cool.


Just visit to enter your address and we’ll show you the candidates on your ballot along with their endorsements from environmental, education, women’s rights and labor groups so you can decide who stands for your values in this election.


We’ll even email you a version you can download and take to the polls!


Get your personalized progressive voter guide now and head to the polls prepared to make progress this Election Day!



Early voting has already started! But it ends Saturday, November 1st. Find your county’s early voting locations online from your county clerk. They’re all listed here.