Republicans launch fake new grassroots org to push “right-to-work” agenda

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Unable to find to actual people to support their anti-worker agenda, New Mexico conservatives have created a faux grassroots group to amplify their talking points and create fake online support for their “right to work” (for less) push.

Meet Jobs for All New Mexico!

Here are some screenshots from the home page. By the way, the picture of the “young latino man” and “Cute little girl with big brown eyes” both come from (a stock photo website) and cost $29 for both.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.04.40 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.05.00 PM

Apparently, this organization doesn’t have time to find pictures of real New Mexicans who are hurtin’ for work  — of which there are many.

In case you were wondering, the group doesn’t have a long record of organizing grassroots support. Their website was registered on December 12, 2014 from

New Mexico business records show their corporate address as: 6300 Riverside Pl Ln NW #200 Albuquerque, NM 87120-2617

Which, crazy thing, is the same office as Titan Development, a for-profit corporation, whose president, Drew Dolan, most recently gave $2,500 to Rep. Nate Gentry’s Republican Leadership PAC which funneled to and spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for Republican state house candidates in 2014.

The newly announced executive director of the astroturf group is none other than, Dax Contreras, perennial Republican public relations operative who has a history of creating faux grassroots organizations to support the Republican talking point du jour.

His last venture was Hispanos Unidos in 2012. Here’s an excerpt from Contreras’ press release announcing the organization.

For more information contact:
Dax Contreras
(575) 323-0760


Hispanos Unidos Launches State-of-the-Art Website Today

“The Hottest News and Info from the Fastest Growing Grassroots Movement in New Mexico”

MESILLA PARK, NM – Four years ago, Dax Contreras organized New Mexican voters to demand
government accountability and oversight because the voice of the people was not being recognized
by our representatives in Santa Fe. Today, Hispanos Unidos says it is leading the way for all New
Mexicans in securing a more equal and prosperous future.

“We are very excited about our new website, which will be a force for change in the status quo of how
New Mexico government will respond to the people,” said Contreras. “Through our website and blog,
we will empower the people to hold their governments accountable.”

“It is time for a new day in New Mexico. We are doing everything possible to make that new day a
reality,” announced Dax, who explained that Hispanos Unidos began as a resource for communities
to express their concerns about voter participation and government accountability. Education reform
is now the group’s top priority.

Dax Contreras is the founder of Hispanos Unidos PAC, a non-partisan New Mexican organization
committed to the issues that matter to all Americans: education, equality, and ethical government.

Who wouldn’t be excited to find out more about the “hottest news” source in New Mexico? They’ve got a Facebook page, a fancy website and a Twitter: all the makings of a great news outlet.  For the “hottest news” source in New Mexico, though, Hispanos Unidos’ Facebook page has a total of two posts and all of five “Likes.”

Another one of Contreras’ “grassroots” projects, Americanos Unidos, has a whopping 21 likes on Facebook, five followers on Twitter and a grand total of three tweets, the last of which is about Cheetos.

“Hottest news” in New Mexico, indeed.

Is anything different with  Judging from their website, they have one guy who wrote two blog posts and 13 tweets to five conservative messengers and a handful of random people. That constitutes the entirety of their “grassroots” organization supporting right-to-work legislation in New Mexico.