First 2015 Moral Monday Rally Focused on Immigrant Day of Action

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New Mexicans are fighting back against the pro-corporate and out-of-state agendas targeting New Mexico.  More than 1000 individuals, organizations, advocates and champions gathered outside the Roundhouse today for a New Mexico-style “Moral Monday” to call attention to extreme right-wing legislative initiatives being pushed by the Governor’s office and a new Republican majority in the House.

“Moral Mondays” was an effort which began in North Carolina by a group of progressives fighting against right-wing initiatives including voter suppression, racial discrimination, unfair tax policy, and worker suppression.

Since starting in North Carolina, the Moral Monday movement has spread to states including Georgia, Missouri and, New York.

A group of dedicated progressives here in New Mexico have started a similar program and today marked the first event. Today’s event coincided with the Immigrant Day of Action and was held outside the Roundhouse under Governor Martinez’s office window.

The rally focused on topics like immigration reform and House bills that – if passed– would take away drivers licenses from undocumented workers.

Here’s a clip from today’s rally from our Facebook page: