[Action Alert] New Mexico Denny’s serves up hot plate of discrimination to LGBTQ customers

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News out of Deming, New Mexico: last summer, following Deming PRIDE’s annual pageant, a group of LGBTQ customers entered Denny’s looking to celebrate another successful pageant. The waitstaff wasn’t too keen on their celebrations. “They sat for more than 45 minutes without being offered drinks, given menus, or provided service of any kind,” according to the ACLU.

From the ACLU of New Mexico: 

When one of the group, a transgender woman, got up to ask one of the servers if they could take their orders, she called the group ‘fags,’ and said they wouldn’t serve a ‘boy with tits.’

Those are pretty awful things to hear when all you’re expecting is a short stack of pancakes, not bigotry. Seven of the group members have filed discrimination charges with New Mexico Workforce Solutions. That’s why the ACLU of New Mexico “has sent a demand letter to the restaurant telling them they need to make this right.”

Watch KOB-TV’s Chris Ramirez reporting from Deming on this story:


Tell Denny’s to take discrimination off the menu, sign our petition asking Denny’s for an apology.

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PS. This isn’t Denny’s first run in with discrimination suits.  Denny’s had to pay over $54 million after thousands of black customers were refused service. Oh, and this was in 1994.

You’ve helped us stand up to corporate discrimination in New Mexico before. Remember last year when together we swayed Whole Foods to reverse their backwards “English-only” policy? It took more than 16,000 names on that petition and we hand-delivered them to Whole Foods’ national meeting before they changed their national policy. We’re ready to do our part again. Are you?


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