#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 02-09-15

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State Senator Howie Morales has introduced the Health Security Act (SB 152), a bill that would set up a statewide, public health plan for all New Mexicans. Sen. Morales’ bill will be heard in the Senate Public Affairs Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 1:30p in room 321.

Sen. Howie Morales

Sen. Howie Morales

Look below for some background information on the bill from Health Security for New Mexicans, “a broad and growing coalition of over 145 statewide and local organizations representing diverse interests, including faith-based, consumer, labor, community, health professional, human rights, and environmental organizations; business owners; farmers and ranchers; and groups advocating for low-income New Mexicans and the homeless. Its mission is to establish a system of guaranteed comprehensive and affordable health care coverage for all New Mexicans.”

Background Information

About the Health Security Act
The Health Security Act (SB 152) would set up the NM Health Security Plan, a public, statewide health plan that would ensure coverage for all New Mexicans. The Health Security Act would shift private insurance to a supplemental role and guarantee access to comprehensive, affordable, quality health care coverage, regardless of individuals’ income level, health status, and employment status. Sliding-scale, income-based premiums would go into a dedicated fund to pay for New Mexicans’ health care needs.

The Health Security Act and the Federal Affordable Care Act
Under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), often called Obamacare, each state must have a health insurance exchange (an online marketplace that sells private health insurance policies). But the ACA also contains a little-known Waiver for State Innovation provision that allows states to take other, more appropriate approaches to health care coverage. The Health Security approach is fully acceptable under the ACA’s Waiver for State Innovation provision, which goes into effect in January 2017.

For more information on SB 152, check out this great fact sheet from Health Security for New Mexicans (CLICK HERE).