The craziest things happen in the last days of the session [Weekly #NMLEG Recap]

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The 2015 legislative session is winding down. But there are still 24 hours for shenanigans and surprises to turn into big stories.

We’re in Santa Fe so you don’t have to be – and we’re not leaving until the clock strikes noon and the session ends.  Here are a few of the week’s biggest stories and stories we are still watching in these final hours of the session.

Right now, a battle is brewing over a last minute Republican plan to take money from Native tribes, senior centers and deaf student education to pay for their road program. Seriously.

We’re here now and you can join by watching and tweeting the #nmleg hashtag.

So take a break from your emails and phone calls to catch up on your favorite, then share it to spread the word.   Talk to you soon!

– Pat, Alex & Diana – the PNNM Team


Big Story

Santa Fe Reporter Unpacks the Entire Behavioral Health Scandal: See who got paid and why

The Santa Fe Reporter has done it again.  SFR’s Justin Horwath spent months digging into the behavioral health scandal to see who actually benefitted and why.  The results, while not …Read More.

A few things that make you smarter (or at least more informed)

Here’s why Matt Chandler’s political agenda backfired with the State Senate

Former Republican young-gun district attorney Matt Chandler was shot down by the State Senate today.  Senators rejected Governor Martinez’s nomination of Chandler to the Board of Regents of the University ….Read More.


The most infuriating income inequality chart ever.

This story from Mother Jones is trending online this week.  Read it and get mad. It’s ok because that’s what everyone else is doing: This statistic provides a pretty compelling … Read More.



“Personal Exemptions” Widen Reach of Abortion Bills [UPDATED]

“We are now seeing the direct consequences of the 2014 elections. With a Republican in the Speaker’s seat in our House of Representatives, New Mexicans must now face these regressive … Read More.  

Top Stories from The New Mexico Political Report

Sen. Munoz wanted UNM Pres fired in exchange for confirmation vote | Mar. 19

Keep Our Public Utilities Public | Opinion by Victor Reyes |  Mar. 18

Sen. Campos (mostly) denies Highlands U. presidential ambitions | Mar. 17

Martinez won’t donate campaign funds from domestic abuser | Mar. 17


A note from our Executive Director


We’re coming out of the session with a big job ahead of us: reengage progressive voters to turn out in 2016.  

With fights over women’s rights, voting access and corporate tax giveaways gaining more momentum than ever before, New Mexico has never needed the power of a progressive majority.

We’re building that and we’re counting on you to help. Chip in here.