Mayor Berry: ABQ is ‘a national model’ by paying women 90% of what men earn [Action Alert]

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How would you feel if your boss said he was going to reward your supervisor if he paid you 10% less than the guy down the hall doing the same job? That’s exactly what Mayor Berry told women in Albuquerque when he proposed and passed his brand new “equal pay for women” ordinance this week. Here’s how the Albuquerque Journal describes it:

An ordinance adopted by city councilors this week, at the request of Mayor Richard Berry, establishes a 5 percent preference in the evaluation process for businesses seeking a city contract.

The incentive will go to companies that show they pay women at least within 10 percent of what they pay men in comparable jobs

The city estimates that its own wage disparity is about 7 percent, according to testimony before the council on Monday. National figures vary, but the White House estimates that women make about 23 percent less than their male counterparts, on average…

“It is time we start incentivizing the result we want,” [Mayor Berry} said in a statement.

The city even says this ordinance is a “national model.”   I don’t know about you, but 90% isn’t 100% equal to me.  And 90% is not the “result we want.”

Some councilors say this ordinance is a good first step.  

[City Councilor Diane] Gibson said the city will evaluate the ordinance’s impact and determine whether the 10 percent deviation should be tightened. “Why not zero? Obviously, that’s our goal,” Gibson said during a council meeting Monday.  

Let’s take this issue on and get the city to continue the work of the pay equity task force to help businesses move up to 100% pay equity (it is already federal law) in the City of Albuquerque.  

A real national model for pay equity would require – not reward – 100% equal pay for women who work for City Hall and companies who want to do business with taxpayers.

Let’s help ABQ take the next step towards equal pay for equal work for every worker and contractor. Join us in taking the next step to creating an equal pay for equal work city: sign this petition to Mayor Berry.


Mayor Berry:  Mayor Berry: 90% pay is not equal pay for women



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