A fight worth fighting: Legal defense fund supports city councilors targeted for recall over minimum wage vote

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A few years ago, Doña Ana County’s clerk did a pretty amazing thing – and the Tea Party went straight to court to stop him.

With your help, we established the legal defense fund to defend Lynn Ellins and other county clerks who issued the state’s first same-sex marriage licenses.  Together, you helped us raise more than $30,000 and we defended them all the way to the State Supreme Court.  Lynn even donated the left over money to LGBT groups helping newly married couples across New Mexico.

Today, those same conservatives are targeting a new group of New Mexico’s progressive champions and we need your help again.

Here’s the short version from KRWG:

The controversy continues over efforts to recall three Las Cruces city councilors.  The political action committee New Mexicans for a Better Tomorrow is trying to get a court to force the city of Las Cruces to reinstate petition signatures that were thrown out.  More than 700 people asked the city to remove their signatures from petitions to recall city councilors Gill Sorg, Nathan Small, and Olga Pedroza. Currently, there are not enough valid signatures to require a recall election.

As KRWG first reported, the New Mexico State Police is conducting an investigation into allegations of fraud by petitioners…including statements that the petitions were to prevent the closure of a youth boxing center.

Local attorney Peter Goodman is part of a legal team seeking to intervene in the case…representing the interests of Councilor Gill Sorg. 

Read more about the investigation into fraudulent petition practices by the Tea Party organizers in this report.

Their first recall effort came up short, so local Tea Party leaders and some of the county’s most profitable businesses put in more money to take the issue to court and force the recall forward.  Our friends can’t fight this alone, so we are stepping up again.

“I believe this is an important fight for openness, transparency and honest government.  I’m thankful for everyone who chips in to help” – Las Cruces City Councilor Gill Sorg to ProgressNowNM readers, on the legal defense fund

City Councilor Gill Sorg

We set up a new Progressive Champions Defense Fund to ensure Councilor Sorg has the legal help he needs.  Yesterday, our lawyers helped him win intervenor status in the case.  Today we need your help to win.

 defense fund donate

I put in the first donation because I won’t let good progressive leaders be bullied by special interests who would rather buy new councilors than play fair at the ballot box. 

I know this is a big ask – but it is a really important one.  Can you help?

–       Pat

It is not often you get to see a quick result for an online donation, but this case is moving now and a decision depends on our ability to be in the courtroom. 

When you become a supporter of the Progressive Champions Defense Fund, we’ll send you insider updates on court filings as the case moves forward.   Thanks for chipping in!