Fox News compares Gov. Martinez to “lightweights” like Dan Quayle, Spiro Agnew, Sarah Palin

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“What do these politicians have in common? Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin? They are all Republicans who got nominated for vice president even though party elites regarded them as lightweights,” Sabato said.

Speculation about Gov. Martinez’s national ambitions are heating up again on the heels of a new report from the Santa Fe New Mexican that shows the governor spent almost $30,000 in taxpayer funded travel to take her security detail and staff to national Republican events.

Fox News‘ analysts are following that lead by speculating that the governor’s reluctance to publicly endorse a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination is leaving her open to consideration as a VP pick for them all. ¬†From Fox News today:

She does not chase the spotlight. She quickly shoots down speculation about political aspirations beyond her job of governor. But New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez can’t seem to stop speculation about whom she might support for GOP presidential nominee, and whether she is spinning visions (in her own mind, anyway) of being vice president or part of a White House administration.

Political pundits believe Martinez once again will be given serious consideration as a running mate for the GOP presidential nominee.

Being a Hispanic woman who grew up with a working-class background in El Paso, Texas, makes her especially appealing. Keeping a low profile and staying off national television could also be to her advantage.

“There’s certainly a buzz about her,” said Rick Wilson, a Florida-based Republican consultant. “She’s going to be on the short list for vice presidential candidates.”

The story concludes by noting that Martinez’s “low profile” in the primary puts her in the company of other notable (or notorious, depending on your perspective) former VP picks including Sarah Palin, Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle. ¬†That’s company not every aspiring politician would like to have.

Dan Quayle

Former Vice President Dan Quayle