Thank a champion

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It’s thank a progressive champion day, or at least it should be.

This week, New Mexico elected leaders did something politicians don’t do anymore.  They compromised.  

But that happened only because Democrats in the House got tired of dirty-tricks and bullying by the new Republican majority.

You might remember when Republican leaders – in the final 48-hours of the legislative session in March – pulled a bait-and-switch on fellow lawmakers. 

Republicans threw a compromise spending bill out the window and replaced it with huge cuts –$77 million – to those programs and voted to take millions of dollars in new road spending from the (paid for) state budget and put it on the state’s credit card (that’s not fiscal conservatism!) while demanding more huge tax breaks for out-of-state oil and gas investors.

Republicans were sure that from their new majority in the House and Governor’s Office they could force Democrats to give in and give Republicans another huge tax cut for their election scorecard.

But Democrat drew the line and stood strong for months refusing to allow New Mexicans to take a backseat to polluting special interests. 

Our legislative leaders need to know we stand with them when they stand up for us.

Take a minute to thank a progressive champion by signing our public letter to the state’s Democrats who refused to compromise away critical programs for seniors, students and tribes in the face of big Republican pressure.  Thanks to them, New Mexico is moving forward again.

We already started the letter. It just needs your signature.

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