New Mexico-based Reelz partners with Donald Trump to air the Miss USA pageant Univision dumped

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Just days after Univision dumped Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant, he announced that he has found a new TV home for it – in New Mexico.

Albuquerque-based Reelz channel announced that it will partner with Trump to air his Miss USA pageant. From CNN:

Trump’s depiction of Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “drug-dealers” drew widespread condemnation from Hispanic advocacy groups. Univision withdrew its plans to air Miss USA a week ago, and NBC followed suit earlier this week.

The co-hosts of the pageant and most of the judges have also dropped out. Trump accused NBC and Univision of “abandoning” the contestants.

Trump doubled down on his anti-Hispanic rhetoric in subsequent interviews.  In one instance, he gave a dismissive response about Spanish speakers in New Mexico when asked about job opportunities in the state.

Reelz Channel is owned by billionaire Stan Hubbard whose media empire includes both Reelz and Albuquerque local NBC affiliate KOB-TV (Channel 4).  The Hubbard family are strong supporters of conservative Republican candidates including Susana Martinez.

We deserve better for New Mexico businesses.  Tell New Mexico’s Reelz Channel our proud mutli-cultural heritage has no place for Donald Trump’s ventures.