Rep. Steve Pearce took $112,931 from NRA, gun groups to stay silent on shootings

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Congressman Steve Pearce rounds out the top ten recipients of anti-gun control monies spent by pro-gun lobby groups, most notably the National Rifle Association, in the US.

All told, Pearce has received $185,563 in outside contributions – at least $112,931 directly – to look the other way as gun violence continues to tear apart American families since he took office in 2003.[1]


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In 2014 alone, he received $17,501 directly from pro-gun PACs and supporters with an additional $6,670 reported by pro-gun groups in supporting him or attacking his opponents.[2]

And those big donations are paying off.  House Republicans, aided by Pearce, have voted three times to block debate on a Republican-sponsored bill to deny firearms to terrorists.  For real.


Republican NY Rep. Steve King’s bill is called the “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015.”  Just like the title says, it denies terrorists the right to buy firearms or explosives.  But the NRA opposes it, just because.

Now terrorists have a lobby in Washington and its the NRA. And Steve Pearce listened to them and voted to stop debate so no one could even discuss the issue.

Pearce isn’t the only member of congress to see huge donations come his way from the pro-gun lobby. The NRA alone has donated nearly $22 million to Republican law makers since 1989 and in 2014 gave a staggering $27 million in outside expenditures to PACs and other soft money groups supporting pro-gun candidates.

Many of Pearce’s colleagues in the house and senate were scrutinized after last week’s terrorist attack in California for offering their “prayers and concerns” while continuing to do nothing at the federal level to curb gun violence. And while Mr. Pearce seems to have avoided using that vapid language this time around, his canned response to another mass shooting is the tried and true “thoughts and prayers” language right out of the NRA’s talking points.

It was only five years ago he offered exactly that kind of response to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords being shot in Arizona.

In a press release with the headline “Offers Prayers for Congresswoman, Staff, Federal Judge and Families” Pearce said “Gabrielle Giffords is in my prayers, as is her family… Further, may God comfort those who lost loved ones.”[3]

While I’m sure the congresswoman was appreciative of her colleague’s thoughts and prayers, his support in the house for ANY of Giffords’ bills that would address gun related violence would have a much more profound impact for Americans across the country.

More recently,  a student took five guns to Umpqua Community College in Oregon, killing 9.  Pearce’s response?

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But alas, as long as Pearce is an A rated[4], top-ten member of the NRA’s most valuable yes-men, it’s unlikely we’ll see any real change from him or anyone in Congress on the anti-gun control payroll.


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