New police tape: Martinez “inebriated” and a different version of the bottle story

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Susana Martinez just couldn’t stop herself from demanding to know the identity of an innocent woman who might have called security on her and her party two weekends ago.

That’s one of several new revelations from a new tape just released by Santa Fe Police.

The audio is posted at the New Mexico Political Report here.


At least one responding officer was using a belt-worn audio recorder when he interviewed hotel security and the governor about an unruly party in a hotel room she was using.

Martinez previous apologized for the actions of her staff at that party, but insisted she was not drunk.

But the police tape clearly shows the police officer and security guard on scene concluding something we all already know.

“I can tell she is…,” the security officer begins.

“Inebriated,” the police officer finishes.

When Martinez joins the conversation, she didn’t offer to help quiet the party or help the officers.  She demanded to know the identity of an innocent woman who had been on her computer on a couch in the hotel hallway.

“Who’s the woman out in the hallway, on her computer and not in her room?” Martinez asked.

“I spoke to her” one of the men tells the governor. “She couldn’t sleep.”

Perhaps because Martinez’s party was raging loudly for hours next door?

Once again, Martinez comes off as a bully more interested in knowing who tattled on her than in actually accepting responsibility for the problem.


This tape  also refutes several assertions from Martinez’s previous statements on the incident.

Hotel security explain that they had visited the room just fifteen minutes prior and heard how loud the party was.  That’s a very different version than one presented by Martinez to 911 operators and to news outlets in her not-really apology.

Martinez was in the hotel room since midnight, by her own admission. Police were called at 1:30 am, just 15 minutes after hotel security personally heard the loud party in the room.

In previous statements, Martinez’s staff say she had attended the governor’s holiday ball at the hotel that evening then later joined her own staff in the hotel room after.

KRQE reported that taxpayers paid $7,900 for the event at the hotel.