BREAKING: Trump picks Gov Martinez for VP

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News Clips: Friday April 1, 2016:

Trump picks NM’s Martinez for VP
trumpmartinezApril 1, 2016 – Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump announced his choice for vice-president today. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez will fill out the Trump ticket at the Republican convention this summer.

“We have a lot more in common than most people would think,” Trump told this reporter. 

“Once I heard the true Susana – not the one her handlers produce in press conferences, but the one on the 911 tape after her pizza party – I knew we were kindred spirits,” Trump added.  

“Some people said she was being disrespectful, but I saw her just being blunt.  Those hotel employees needed someone to tell them who is boss.  As a hotel owner with thousands of low wage workers helping me generate my billions of dollars, I appreciate that.”

Trump campaign staff also pointed out that Martinez was one of the few national Republican figures who did not criticize Trump’s plan to punish women who sought abortions.

Trump also thought that “whatever she did” to cause thousands of people to leave New Mexico under her leadership could be a model for “exporting poor people and immigrants” from the rest of the country.


Ok, it’s April Fools Day so maybe it’s not true – but I bet you thought “I knew it!” or “Saw that coming!” when you read the headline.

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In the year when Republicans seem to in a race to the bottom Susana Martinez’s stock is really rising.  Maybe that’s why Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich will all be attending an event in New York next week honoring Governor Martinez.

Back here at home, we’re living with the mess the Republican Party is tripping over itself to honor.

Last in child welfare, first in unemployment and the only thing we’ve built is a pipeline to export students with job skills or a college diploma.

It’s our job at ProgressNow to keep New Mexican voters informed on the stories that matter and to build the progressive movement New Mexico needs to ensure our next election doesn’t go like the last.

Every week we bring you the biggest stories (we won’t make anymore up, I promise) to make you the most informed voter on the block. 

This week saw more fallout from one of Gov. Martinez’s controversial UNM Regent appointees, a crucial new development in the Congressional ” Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health ” witch-hunt that put New Mexico in the crosshairs, a potential strike in Las Cruces, and much more.

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More Martinez Cronyism

One of Gov. Martinez’s controversial UNM Regent appointees found himself in hot water again this week, hot on the heels of the Regents’ overhaul of UNM’s Health Sciences Center Board last week.

Rob Doughty’s ties to a Republican political action committee that supported Diana Duran while Doughty had a contract with the Secretary of State’s office were never revealed during his confirmation hearings. This has prompted some Senators to say they would have never confirmed him had they known.

Read the full story HERE.


Congressional Witch-Hunt Targets NM

The highly-partisan effort by Congressional Republicans that has created a McCarthy-style Select Committee whose entire purpose seems to be intimidating abortion providers hit New Mexico this week.

The committee subpoenaed names of students, residents, and other UNM medical professionals that were previously redacted in documents handed over by UNM to ensure the safety of their employees and students.

Now, over 700 medical schools and universities have come together to call out the dangerous situation that this action has placed UNM students, researchers, and staff in.

Read the full story HERE.


A Strike in Las Cruces?

It looked like Las Cruces public school bus drivers were headed for a strike today.

A court ordered drivers back to work – for now.  Learn why and what happens if they do strike HERE.


Obama Color

President Obama has a solution for Gov. Martinez’s budget mess

Today, oil prices are just 30% of their high when Governor Martinez came into office.  But instead of diversifying our economy when times were good, she allowed solar energy credits to expire and pulled back regulations and oversight of the oil and gas industry allowing them to greatly expand not only production, but also the pollution associated with the work they do.

But before he leaves office, President Obama has proposed a solution that makes our air a lot cleaner and helps Governor Martinez (not on purpose, but it does help) plug her budget gap from her own reckless speculation on oil and gas profits.

The President’s Bureau of Land Management is proposing a new rule requiring oil and gas companies to plug leaks (not really a novel idea) and cut way back on the amount of natural gas and other pollutants they release or burn into the air.  Instead, they have to capture those gases and pay royalties to that fund our schools.

Clean air and more money for schools. A double win for New Mexico families (and President Obama).

But BLM won’t decide if they will implement this rule until the public weighs in and big oil companies have promised thousands of comments opposing it.  So we’re sending out the alert and asking you to help us support this plan to make our oil companies clean up their act and stop wasting our money. … Continue reading

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