Take our quiz: “Who said it?” Donald Trump or Steve Pearce

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Steve Pearce has said some crazy things in his term as New Mexico’s hardline conservative member of Congress, but today’s announcement may be his craziest yet.

Pearce told the Associated Press today that he’d back Donald Trump for president if Trump can win the nomination.  Don’t believe us? Read the story here.

That announcement got us to thinking: is there really any difference between Trump and Pierce?

Take this quick quiz to see if you can tell “who said it?”:



Ok, so that’s pretty funny.  

But this isn’t: Steve Pearce is so confident in his own re-election that the PAC he set up raised more than $100,000 last year up to elect like-minded conservatives in local races.  

And Governor Martinez can’t run for re-election, but she raised three times that in six months and so did the Advance NM Now PAC funded by her mega industry donors.

Money Raised


They’ve been thinking about elections for months – and so have we.  

Think about it – where do you get most of your progressive election news?  

If you said ProgressNow that’s because (unlike candidate campaigns that come and go every few years) we’re a year-round campaign engaging voters and challenging conservative campaigns that turn people away from the polls. 

That headline and graphic quiz got your attention and it’s not just you we’re after. 

Last week alone, our emails and Facebook posts reached more than 90,000 New Mexicans interested in politics.  No one else has the reach we do – and we’re turning it towards winning in 2016.   

Help us grow our grassroots donor base by 100 new donors so we can turn our witty headlines and great reporting on more voters progressive champions will need this November.


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