Are you registered to vote against Trump? (are you sure?)

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Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President.  Let that sink in a minute.

If the thought of all that “winning” scares you as much as it does us, maybe it’s a good time to check in on your voter registration (and update it online – new for 2016!)

Voter registration for the primary election ends next week (May 1oth).  If you are a Republican, please go vote against this!  If you are a Democrat, please go practice voting for someone else.  If you need to update your voter registration, you can do it online now!

And even if you think you are registered, take 30 seconds and check.

Here’s why:

Voter Purge Mixup
Just before the last presidential election, now-convicted Secretary of State Dianna Duran (Republican – Otero Co.) sent notices to 177,000 registered voters in the first of a two-step process for removing inactive voters from the voting rolls.

But the process they used to target voters for purging was so bad that it flagged dozens of active voters too, and that jeopardizes their ability to vote against Trump in 2018.

A second round of notices went out in 2014 resulting in the downsizing of the state’s voter list by a big chunk.

and this:

Register at MVD?  Maybe not!
Thousands of New Mexicans update their voter registration when they apply for or renew their driver’s license at MVD.  But in 2014, Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver noticed that “motor voter” registrations dropped off. We discovered that hundreds of those voter registrations weren’t making it to the Secretary of State.

We went undercover to an Albuquerque MVD to investigate. KOAT and USA Today followed our reports and similar stories. Some voters reported in 2014 that they were not on voter rolls even though they had registered at MVD and others reported that updates to their records weren’t in the rolls when they went to vote.

We met with the Secretary of State earlier this year to follow up on these concerns and, while they say they’ve processed all the records they had on file, no one knows how many others could be out there.

Should you check your voter status?  

Yes!  particularly if you:

  • Changed your address, got a new license or updated your registration through MVD
  • Changed your name (married, divorced, etc) recently
  • Moved since 2011
  • Just aren’t sure and want to be ready to vote against Trump!

Ready to vote against Trump?

Check your voter registration (and update it online!) here