The actual Trump protest was nothing like the one you saw on the news

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Donald Trump’s brand of bigotry came to New Mexico Tuesday, prompting plenty of Burqueños to gather downtown for an alternative event, #LoveTrumpsHate.

Some local and national press refocused on a handful of people at events after the Trump rally and put the day in a bad light, but the event attended by hundreds of families and community members was a peaceful, fun event.

Albuquerque Police later tweeted that protesters were gone when things got rowdy.

Here’s a quick look at the actual protest, families and all.


A sign-making tableScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.39.47 AM

An impromptu parade…

And dancing in the streets…

And a few homemade signs…

When the event finally started, most protesters packed up and headed home.

Hours later, individuals with a different agenda descended on the streets outside the Convention Center as the event was letting out.


And even after all of that…




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