Prep yourself to vote! Check your personalized sample ballot.

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Check out your sample ballot now!

You prepare ahead of time for meetings, travel, and all other sorts of activities. But what about voting? Make sure you’re prepped for the voting booth, too.

The Secretary of State’s office now has sample ballots available to view so you can be totally prepared to vote for your progressive champions on June 7th. Early voting is also happening around the state now, so if you have questions about who’s up in your area, check out this link:

Secretary of State Sample Ballot Portal

The last four years in New Mexico have been dominated by do-nothing conservatives trying to pass regressive bills aimed at cutting workers’ wages and safety standards, limiting women’s rights, and demonizing immigrant families. But you can help defeat their big money platforms by using your vote to help progressive champions win back the house this November.

It starts by making sure the right candidates make it through their primary hurdles. Check your ballot now and let your friends know that if they have questions about who’s on their ticket that they can check it here!

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