New Mexico’s 2016 Progressive Voter Guide is here (personalized for you from Congress to County Clerk)

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Tired of being last in New Mexico? So are we.

Building a better, more equal New Mexico for us all starts with electing the right people to lead.  That’s why we set out to rank each candidate – from Congress to County Clerk – on their support for worker’s rights, eliminating income inequality, protecting healthcare access for women, responsible gun laws and environmental stewardship.

It’s New Mexico’s ONLY local, personalized, progressive voter guide and we’ll deliver it straight to your inbox – personalized for you – before polls open for Early Voting.

Just sign up and we’ll give you candidate and campaign updates leading up to Election Day as well as your local voting guide for every candidate on your ballot from the Federal to County level (along with links to read more about them and to see who is funding their campaigns).  Just sign up. We’ll do the rest.